CV de Mathieu Andro

Manager dans le numérique et micro-entrepreneur en cumul d'activités

Mois : décembre 2017

Andro, M., Saleh, I. (2017). Digital Libraries and Crowdsourcing: A Review. pp. 135-162. In Collective Intelligence and Digital Archives: Towards Knowledge Ecosystems. Edited by Samuel Szoniecky and Nasreddine Bouhaï, Wiley, ISTE. ISBN: 9781786300607. 260 p.

Cataloguing, indexing, and correcting the OCR of digitized documents, libraries have often externalized certain activities to service providers with recourse to a low-price workforce in developing countries like Madagascar, India, or Vietnam. From now on, though, they could instead call on the masses of Internet users, that is, crowdsourcing, to realize tasks their own staff